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November 2018

VORGED SOCIETY // Hollace wynter



Airlift Air Struts & Bags // Airlift 3P Management // Dual Compressor // Handcrafted Trunk Set-up

20180517_175412 (1).jpg


Fathom Stern // 22x9 +20 offset // 225/30 Landsail Ls588 Tires



Kenwood Head Unit // Knob Covers // Paint Matched Trim

"I prefer the simple OEM Factory Interior"



Trendz Built headlights including etched writing, paint matched housing and PrezyWerkz rings // Steel Craft push bar powder-coated // 2 Auxbeam V-series light bars // Custom side skirt extensions // Spoiler delete // Fryalip roof spoiler // Custom third brake light



When i was 17 years old, searching for a car to buy, I honestly didn't even want a charger, nor could i afford one. What I initially wanted was a Chrysler 300. "MOPAR TILL I DIE". After looking for an extensive period of time for a Chrysler 300, I was unable to find one that was good enough at a Dealership. However, while at that dealer I noticed a blue charger. The charger was sitting for a while before i decided to give it a test drive. Shortly after driving it around I began to fall in love with every aspect of the car. The sales-rep worked a deal on lowering the price that made it impossible for me to pass up. After hearing his offer, I immediately threw a down payment to secure the car until the following week. The day i returned to the dealership the Charger I drove was SOLD. It was gone just like that. I somehow felt scammed. Not with the dealership, but with the sales-rep who promised me the vehicle. However, the dealership was great, they refunded my money back and gave me an "inside scoop" on another Dodge Charger (my current one). The second Charger just so happened to be located at a dealer right down the road. Moments later, we pulled into the other dealership and purchased the car on the spot. I was always interested in cars since I was young however, I never thought I would actually modify one intensively. It all happened so fast and one thing lead into another.  just wanting to make my Charger different turned into a huge project. "I promise this is only the beginning with this build, don't sleep on it."

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